Take it to the Track Workout 2

Track workout

Know whats great about track workouts? You can take your kids to let them run around and play while you get your workout in. Or you can race them, or challenge them to workout with you. Really who wouldn’t want to take their littles and get out some wiggles? I think it’s perfect actually!

So here is another workout that you can do at the track and field. Take this one one rep at a time so that you can recover and do your best form with each exercise!

I give this exercise a 2.5 out of 3. It really got my heart rate up, my legs burning and I was ready for the end zone to come so I could rest a bit! I love workouts like that! The kind that you know you are working hard! I just don’t like to feel like I am wasting my time, you know! ┬áMore track workouts to come!

Happy sweating my friends!

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