Killer 30 minute at home workout

30 minute total body at home workout

This workout will get your heart rate up, your sweat dripping and your legs burning! Grab some water and a towel, you’re going to need it! This 30 minute at home workout is a 3 on the intensity scale of a 1-3. It was great to get a total body workout in just 3o minutes.

When you push yourself past the point of exhaustion and into the point of muscle failure your muscles will start changing shape. How do you think body builders get their muscles to pop? It’s not by doing a couple reps until their barely felt the burn. Oh no my friends. ¬†They push and push and push some more. They really make it burn. I’m not saying this workout will get you to body builder status, but it will get you to push your muscles to a higher level. ¬†This workout is a great way to see results, burn extra calories and get stronger. I love total body workouts. They make me feel extra accomplished for the day.

~Happy sweating my friends

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