8 Tips on How to Run a Race in the Rain

8 tips on how to run a race in the rain

8 Tips on How to Run a Race in the Rain:

  • Bring warm clothes for the start. Make sure they are some that you don’t care about just in case your drop bag doesn’t make it back. I was wearing a hoodie and sweat pants with a snow hat and mittens. This helped me stay warm and pretty dry.
  • ponchoPonchos are worth the money. I only brought a cheap garbage bag and it ripped though and didn’t do much good. Buy a good poncho. Put it in your drop bag before you start though. It would get really hot to run in it. I would also suggest a windbreaker, or a rain slicker. Something light but that will keep your underclothes dry.
  • Protect your electronics in a baggie. A simple ziplock bag will work. I forgot to do this and my phone wouldn’t make calls after I finished the race.run in the rain
  • Do the free race app so friends and family can track you. This will help them not have to stand in the rainwaiting for you to cross the finish line.  It was also fun to get a congratulations seconds after I crossed the finish line from my husband who was tracking me from home.
  • Don’t forget to drink the water or gatorade at the stations. Even though it might be cold and you won’t feel super thirsty, don’t forget that you need to hydrate yourself.puddles
  • Try to avoid the puddles. Stay on higher ground. Once your feet get wet it is easier to get blisters.
  • Bring extra dry clothes to change into after the race. This saved me from a very cold drive home.
  • Have fun. No matter what they weather is on the day of the race, just enjoy the journey. It is an accomplishment to be doing this! So put a smile on your face and run your guts out!

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