10 minute at home workout

Only have a few minutes to get in a workout. No worries. You can work your whole body in 10 minutes with this workout. All you need is a timer!

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. When you finish your 20 burpees, you start over with 20 jacks. Simple enough right?  Don’t stop until you hear that buzzer.

There you go. 10 minute at home workout with no equipment!

Happy Sweating

Killer 30 minute at home workout

This workout will get your heart rate up, your sweat dripping and your legs burning! Grab some water and a towel, you’re going to need it! This 30 minute at home workout is a 3 on the intensity scale of a 1-3. It was great to get a total body workout in just 3o minutes.

When you push yourself past the point of exhaustion and into the point of muscle failure your muscles will start changing shape. How do you think body builders get their muscles to pop? It’s not by doing a couple reps until their barely felt the burn. Oh no my friends.  They push and push and push some more. They really make it burn. I’m not saying this workout will get you to body builder status, but it will get you to push your muscles to a higher level.  This workout is a great way to see results, burn extra calories and get stronger. I love total body workouts. They make me feel extra accomplished for the day.

~Happy sweating my friends

Full Body Workout

Get a timer, water, and maybe a yoga mat. This workout will get you hot and sweaty and you are going to love it! It is a 2.75 on the 1-3 scale so it’ll be worth the 30-45 minutes you put into it! It’s a full body workout and  I love when I leave a workout and know that I didn’t miss any part of my body!

Whats great about this full body workout is you can really push yourself to make it your own workout. It is designed to do at least 2 rounds of each circuit but you could add 1 or 2 more extra rounds and get a few extra calories burned!

Don’t stop until your buzzer goes off. I promise it always goes off! It might feel broken and the time feels longer than it should, but don’t give up.

What I love about these circuits is it alternates between full body and core. You get your heart rate up and push your limits and then bring it down just a bit to work your core. It’s pretty perfect if you ask me.  What we did in class was a round of lunges in between each circuit. I called it active recovery, my friends called it torture! I am just there to push, and challenge and I think I did with this one!

I hope you enjoy this Total Body Workout. Comment or email if you have questions about a certain exercise! ~ Happy Sweating

25 minute tabata

Don’t forget your towel with this awesome tabata workout! You will need it! It is a 2.75 on a scale from 1-3. Those first few tabata intervals are like “really this is the workout?” and then you get to interval 4 or 5 and thinking the timer is broken because those 20 seconds feel longer than they really are! Don’t give up though. Push and challenge yourself. You can do hard things and you will prove it to yourself with this tabata!

Set your tabata interval timer for 20 seconds. You will do one set of exercises for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this 8 times- total of 4 minutes.  Move onto the next exercise on the list! ~Happy Sweating

20 Minute Total Body Workout

Only got 20 minutes to workout? Don’t worry, we will make it effective! Get a timer and some weights (if you have them!). Let’s get started! If you have a few extra minutes why not throw a cardio burst in between intervals? A few jumping jacks, or jump ropes? Maybe you are feeling real good and want to do burpees? Yep I said it the “B” word! 🙂  This is fast, effective and it gets your heart pumping. We are burning calories on this one! ~Happy Sweating

Pyramid Workout

This great workout will get you sweating! And just when you are starting to think you can’t do anymore, the time starts to decrease. You still get a great workout but you can make sure your form is still in check! It’s a fun one, the time goes super fast because it keeps changing. So what are you waiting for? Get your playlist ready and lets go! ~Happy Sweating