10 Minute AMRAP

Some days you just need to do something real quick to get you going in the morning.  This is only 10 minutes and gets your whole body.

AMRAP  stands for AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE. You should try to go fast with each group of exercise to achieve this purpose of this workout.  Keep going through the exercises until the timer runs out.  ~Happy Sweating

3 simple ways to cut calories


Looking for a good way to cut out a few calories from your day?
1. Pay attention to the small things you eat.
As a mom I get tempted by the food the kids eat. Lame huh. I love corn dogs and chicken nuggets. I love sugary cold cereal {Like a lot} And I’ve been known to take the first bite before I hand it over to the kids.  Or finish their plate as I’m cleaning up.
The crust of grilled cheeses or peanut butter sandwiches are the best part anyways and they always leave it for me to eat.
Or how can you say no to the persistent 2 year old who you are teaching to share when she hands you her goldfish crackers or fruit snacks. Really? You can’t!! So nice of them to share but
What is it doing? !! Well, let’s think about those small bites in calories. It may just be 20 or 50 calories here and there but if you’re adding that on top of your meals, and snacks it means hundreds of extra calories every week. These calories turn into energy which our body needs but if you aren’t using all that extra energy it gets stored. Mine gets stored around my waistline first, then my cheeks, (top and bottom cheeks!)
BUT this is a simple thing to STOP!!!!  Just be conscious of it. It’s not your food. Don’t eat it. It’s OK to throw that food away. It’s either garbage in your gut or the garbage can. And if you toss it, you don’t have to work it off!  Or better yet, make your kids finish it so it’s not tempting you! You will see a difference on the scale if you do, I promise.
2. Stop Snacking at Meal Time! 

Another thing to remember is when you are cooking dinner to not get tempted by snacking and cooking. Grabbing something to munch on while you grab your ingredients for dinner out of the pantry while you cook is not a bright idea. You ruin your appetite and eat more calories than you need too. Just be patient and wait. If you can’t possibly wait and your might pass out due to hunger, grab a healthy choice or something to compliment your dinner. For example, if I am baking chicken and still have 45 minutes left, start with your salad, the veggies or cut up a apple. This way your filling yourself with nutrient dense calories.  If I wait too long to eat, I usually over eat so this is a good way to keep that under control too.

Remember to stay attentive when you eat and keep portions in your mind. Some days your body needs more calories than others due to your workout or hormones, so give it what it needs but give it healthy options. If you are hungrier eat more vegetables with dinner or add more berries to your oatmeal.
If you feel all is lost,
Nothing gives you a more detailed outlook on where you are getting your calories and where you are falling short than the old fashioned pen and paper!

 Don’t forget to drink your water and keep your food colorful! I am not saying Skittles colorful, but carrots, peppers, bananas, apples, broccoli.. get the idea?!