Track workout

This was our track workout today. I was so excited to do it I dreamed about it the night before! It didn’t disappoint. It was tough. Definitely a 3 on my scale of 1-3. It gets your heart rate up fast and keeps it there. Which was good for this chilly morning on the field! I needed an extra jacket in the 48 degree weather plus the canyon wind chill! Already my legs are tired from it today and my body has been extra hungry ! You know it was a good track workout when both of those things happen after! Try this one! It really is so fun! ~happy sweating

Track workout- Sprint Ladders

Oh man oh man oh man oh man! Doing these babies will get you breathing heavy, and spike your heart rate. I love it! We did these 5 times with a fun toning group in between. We did 10 Reverse Lunge Hops on each side, 10 one armed tricep push up on each side and then 10 Mountain climbers. But you could do anything, or nothing at all. It was just a fun way to break up the sprinting and the help us catch our breathe before starting another set of ladders. ~Happy Sweating

Take it to the TRACK 3

Here is another great Track Workout that requires no equipment or timer. Just a good pair of sneakers!

You are going to mentally divide the straight 100 yards into 3 equal parts. The first 1/3 you are going to do LEAP FROGS (squat down and then jump as far forward as you can). The next 1/3 you are going to do a grapevine. Then the last 1/3 you are doing good old lunges.

On the curve you are going to run.  Push yourself and try to get out of your jogging comfort zone.

Once you get to the straightaway you will repeat the leap frogs, grapevine and lunge sequence. Finish off the lap with a good run. If you need to recover after each lap, stop and take a drink of water. Otherwise go right into the next exercise.

Do this at least for 1 mile, or 4 laps around the track. ~Happy sweating

Take it to the Track 2

I love going to the track and getting a good sweat. I definitely can feel it today. SO. MANY. LUNGES! I love lunges though. I love how they work my legs and make me feel strong.

Sprinting also makes my core work like no crunches can do. I love to push myself to keep up with all the youngens with me. I usually am breathing harder than they are, but I’m not embarrassed by my performance!

Plus those push ups get your arms ready for those hot summer days in your cut offs!

Let me know what you think!

How to bounce back from a Binge Weekend

How to bounce back from a binge weekend

Summer has been so good so far. I have had fun playing in the sun and enjoying all the treats that come with it. Snow cones, ice cream cones, chips, fattening side dishes at BBQs. Oh man. I have let my self control get away with me and my binging was out of control. So I needed to figure out how to bounce back from a binge weekend, or week, or month.  So here is how I get back on track so I can get those numbers on the scale back down!

Cut down on the sweets

no sugarFirst things first, get rid of the temptations. This could mean throwing them away, or putting them in a higher spot in pantry, making someone hide them from you. Whatever you need to do to get them out of sight. If this was the reason why the scale jumped numbers, get it out!

It’s easier to choose not to eat something if it’s not in your face ALL. DAY. LONG! You can’t recover from your binge weekend if you are still binging! 

Drink Water

Get your water bottle filled and put in a place you willwater grab it for a quick drink. Nothing says detox like a nice cold drink of water. Your body loves it! Water will take the toxins out of your body and it helps reduce your sweet cravings. Plus, did you know most of your hunger queues are really just thirst queues? Yup! It’s true.

Remember to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water a day or 64 ounces! This will help you get rid of some sugar cravings from your binge weekend!

Cut out a little carbs

low carbsHonestly I don’t have a thing against carbs. And actually I love to eat them. I do know that if I eat too many I get a little heavier on the scale. I think this is because it replaces other healthy food choices. So if I need to drop a few L-Bs I lose the toast, oatmeal, and buns. I replace them with other options full of fruits and vegetables and even some proteins. I don’t miss them in my diet and I don’t see a huge difference in my attitude either. But I do see a difference on the scale.

Carbs are good for you, but replacing a few of them with fruits and vegetables will really help you see results on the scale after a binge weekend!

Eat more fruits and veggies

Eating more fruits and veggies are easier said than done for me sometimes. I don’t love salads and that is one of the easiest ways to get in a whole lotof vegetables. But I do love fruit smoothies (see this easy and quick recipe in this article) and find them an easy way to get in both my fruits and vegetables.fruit and veg

I find that if I have one or the other, or possibly both with all my meals and then add one of them for a snack, it is easier to get them all in for the day. Getting veggies prepared is harder for methan grabbing an apple, banana, grapes or a peach. If this is the same for you, choose a day to prep your veggies and keep them in the fridge ready to go. This way when you are hungry or need to run out the door fast, you have a quick snack that is healthy.

Fruits and Veggies should always be the first thing to consider when looking for something to eat to help you recover from a binge weekend!

Stop eating after dinner

Find a stopping point for eating. This could be at dinner time, or at a set time of the day. When you get tired and hungry your body craves sugar and food high in calories to get you energy fast. Usually this isn’t the best choice for you. So make that choice to just say no, and
hit the hay! The times that I have given in I tend to find myself eating way more than “just a few” and going to bed sad that I messed up my whole day.

stop eatingFind a time to stop eating and call it a day. Binge eating at it’s finest is late at night. So just make yourself a eating curfew and stick with it!  

Exercise like you mean it

Even though diets are 80% eating and 20% exercise, that 20% can really add up. So do a bit more. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes extra of your normal cardio, or doing an extra rep of your weights. Those things will help you burn more calories. And after a binge weekend, we all have a few extra calories to burn. So make a your exercise routine really work. Push hard, stay focused and don’t stop. Maybe add in an extra workout in the week if you really need it.exercise

Find the time, make the time and put in the time. Exercise will help you burn those extra calories from your binge weekend!

By following these few little rules I found that from my Saturday night scale numbers to my Wednesday morning scale numbers I am down 6 pounds. That was a big binge weekend. I wasn’t proud of it, but I am happy that I was able to correct my behaviors before they got way out of control and those numbers were double digits.

Here are a few of my eating options that I ate through the week:

bing weekend

5 Best {low calorie} Snacks for the Summer

The 5 Best {low Calorie} Snacks for the Summer

Summer is one of everyones favorite seasons. Its amazing weather means most days are spent outside in the heat. Popsicles are always on the grocery list for the kids, but what are ways to help you cool down without throwing a bunch of empty calories into your body?

Here is a list of the 5 BEST  Low Calorie Snacks for the Summer that are easy to prepare, and are nutritious and will help cool you down!

1. Frozen Grapes

Grapes are usually the cheapest during the summer. So while they are on sale at your local store or market, stock up! Don’t worry, they won’t go to waste. Grab a shish kabob skewer and pile those grapes on! The more the merriergrapes! Lay them on a cookie sheet, or put them in a gallon zip lock baggie and freeze them over night! Easy healthy snack for the afternoon heat!

2. Dried Fruit

Know anyone that has fruit trees? Or do you have one? There are other things you can do with all that produce besides can it or make jam! Get a food dehydrator and change it up a bit! Apples, strawberries, pineapple, mangos, bananas, pears, kiwis, peaches are all so good dehdehydr fruitydrated! This takes a bit more prep time but it is worth the wait! It’s a great way to mix up how you get all our fruit in for the day!

3. Fruit Popsicles


Popsicles and summer just go together. So why not make some that are guilt free? Grab a small plastic cup, throw some fruit in it, a little crystal light or some fruit juice to fill in the cracks, and freeze for a few hours to over night! Now you can enjoy these babies in the afternoon heat and still get in your fruit! Winning!

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are some amazing ways to sneak those vegetables in. Plus with them being ice cold, it’s a great way to stay cool in the summer!  What’s so great about smoothie recipes are that they are very versatile and can be thrown together with what you have on hand. Here is a simple recipe:fruit smoothis

Throw everything into a blender until smooth:

1 Banana

1 cup frozen triple berry mix

1 cup spinach

8 ounces of water

1 apple

1-2 medium carrots

1 tablespoon Flax seed

1/2 cup ice

That is it! Easiest way to get in 2 servings of vegetables without even tasting it! Find out the best blender brands here.

5. Veggies

What a better snack than some fresh vegetables cut up? They are cold and crisp and so great for you! Most farmers markets have great selections of vegetables that are fresh from their garden and most likely organic.

Make these an easy choice by already having them cut up and in portion sizes in easy to go baggies. This way when you are on the run out the door to the swimming pool or splash park you have a healthy snack too!

Need some dip? Well, just add your favorite seasoning packet to some Greek Yogurt and you have a healthier alternative that those other calorie filled dips! veggies


Summer is so awesome and there are so many fun things to do outside. Make sure you are fueling your body with the right calories to give you the best energy you need for those activities! These summer snack options are perfect for on the go to, so take a minute to prepare and have a guilt free summer!


Take it to the Track Workout 2

Know whats great about track workouts? You can take your kids to let them run around and play while you get your workout in. Or you can race them, or challenge them to workout with you. Really who wouldn’t want to take their littles and get out some wiggles? I think it’s perfect actually!

So here is another workout that you can do at the track and field. Take this one one rep at a time so that you can recover and do your best form with each exercise!

I give this exercise a 2.5 out of 3. It really got my heart rate up, my legs burning and I was ready for the end zone to come so I could rest a bit! I love workouts like that! The kind that you know you are working hard! I just don’t like to feel like I am wasting my time, you know!  More track workouts to come!

Happy sweating my friends!

Take it to the Track Workout

I love summer time and the early sun rises that get you out of bed! It is a great change to the gym to get out on the track to workout. This track workout gets you sweating pretty fast as you run, and then do a fun interval at each 100 yard line!

Push yourself on those runs and try to take them to a sprint. It really is such a great workout to sprint. It works your core like you haven’t worked it like that before! Plus it lengthens your stride which just sends your legs into a world of shock!

Seriously, get to the track. If you aren’t close to one, do this around a block. Run to the end of the sidewalk and do your exercises, then run to another corner and do the different exercise.

No excuses. ~Happy sweating

8 Tips on How to Run a Race in the Rain

8 Tips on How to Run a Race in the Rain:

  • Bring warm clothes for the start. Make sure they are some that you don’t care about just in case your drop bag doesn’t make it back. I was wearing a hoodie and sweat pants with a snow hat and mittens. This helped me stay warm and pretty dry.
  • ponchoPonchos are worth the money. I only brought a cheap garbage bag and it ripped though and didn’t do much good. Buy a good poncho. Put it in your drop bag before you start though. It would get really hot to run in it. I would also suggest a windbreaker, or a rain slicker. Something light but that will keep your underclothes dry.
  • Protect your electronics in a baggie. A simple ziplock bag will work. I forgot to do this and my phone wouldn’t make calls after I finished the in the rain
  • Do the free race app so friends and family can track you. This will help them not have to stand in the rainwaiting for you to cross the finish line.  It was also fun to get a congratulations seconds after I crossed the finish line from my husband who was tracking me from home.
  • Don’t forget to drink the water or gatorade at the stations. Even though it might be cold and you won’t feel super thirsty, don’t forget that you need to hydrate yourself.puddles
  • Try to avoid the puddles. Stay on higher ground. Once your feet get wet it is easier to get blisters.
  • Bring extra dry clothes to change into after the race. This saved me from a very cold drive home.
  • Have fun. No matter what they weather is on the day of the race, just enjoy the journey. It is an accomplishment to be doing this! So put a smile on your face and run your guts out!